Research Studies OfficeSFM Clinical Research, LLC is an independent research company specializing in conducting clinical trials in the field of Neurology. Our primary goal is to provide access to innovative therapies, while advancing the care of patients with Neurologic disorders. Our Board Certified Neurologists and research team have exceptional clinical and research expertise. The clinical trials are conducted with great precision and care. For more information or to be evaluated for clinical trial entry, please call 561-939-0300

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Research Coordinator

Adya Ali

Adya Ali earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Florida Atlantic University in 2018, concentrating in Cellular and Cognitive Neuroscience with a minor in Psychology. She received NREMT certification in 2019. She has trained in a neuroscience lab at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida, researching projects based on the molecular basis of Learning and Memory. She has completed multiple research and regulatory certifications. 

Our Research Facility

  • Private, spacious infusion room with TV and WIFI
  • ECG machines, centrifuge, and a lab processing area (CLIA waiver)
  • Temperature-controlled, ambient, double-locked drug storage area
  • Freezers with regular temperature monitoring
  • On site Crash cart and an AED
  • Secured onsite clinical data and record storing facility
  • Closer to the two best community hospitals